Friday, June 3, 2011


Maialino can get crowded but you never feel like you won't get a spot somewhere. Andrea, Phil and I were able to secure a spot in "no man's land" between the bar and "bar seating". It was a good cross between a regular table and sitting at the bar. We stared with some snacks: Mortadella with radishes, deviled eggs with pickeled sardine and fried baccala.
To be a little healthy, we had the peas shoots salad and a celery salad with pine nuts and piave cheese.

Next we had bombolotti: Ring-shaped pasta with guanciale and black pepper.
Their signature dish (which is not always available) is the Maialino which is a suckling pig with crispy skin covering moist meat. This was one of the best things I have ever eaten.

We finished with a rhubard tart. Everyone that worked here was very nice to us.

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