Friday, February 18, 2011


Kim and Rob invited some friends over to their place and I got to cook. I have lots of free time right now so I rode my bike to China Town and got ingredients from the markets not really sure what I was getting. Ann requested Tuna tataki, so I made that. I wanted peanut sauce so I made summer rolls but got these weird wrappers by accident.
Tumeric Fish with noodles is my favorite thing at Viet Noodle, so I wanted to try it too.
There were tons of inexpensive citrus fruits at the stalls on Grand Street so I got a bunch of oranges and grapefruit and made some more ice. It's very satisfying to juice the fruit and a few hours later have this tasty dessert. I added a little simple syrup to the mix to make it sweeter. I couldn't tell what type of cookies these were from the package but they turned out to be sweet sesame cookies which were a good contrast.


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