Monday, July 11, 2011


Ruby made mung bean dal, with jasmine rice, cilantro chutney and raita for Myrna, Goldie, Phil and I. Eating is going OK, but I need to learn to reduce my portion size to accommodate my new digestive system, I get hiccups after eating which are uncomfortable. The place where they cut me open is healing, stitches come out on Wednesday.


  1. dave - that is an attractive picture oddly. i mean, kind of RAD. I'm sorry as I'm sure it's painful and sore, but do know that there are crazy ass scar liking fans out here....

  2. Dave, hadn't caught up on your fabulous blog in a while and just did. It continues to be fabulous and I hope you are feeling sooooo much better soon. Sending you good thoughts and prayers. Best, Katy

  3. My dear old friend. I had no idea you were ill. I am sending you much love. I would love to come visit you when I am back in NYC in Sept.


  4. i agree with lisa.
    super fucking sexy.

  5. Holy Mung bean! You're eating the Indian! YEAH!

    Amazed at your high spirits and continue to with you the best.

    That is going to be one manly scar when it heels!

    Suggestion: Basmati Rice is easier to digest than white rice.

    Keep on healing! This so amazing!

  6. Whoa. That is a badass scar.

    Thinking of you a lot, D.