Monday, March 14, 2011


I have cancer. There is a tumor the size of a mini-doughnut where my esophagus and stomach meet. This makes it hard to Eat, the same to be Dave and need Love even more. I'm going to be OK. I have excellent doctors treating me. Please don't send me inspirational stories, alternative medicines or ask me to wear a bracelet. Call me, visit me, email me, comment. I'll update here with progress.
Since the eating won't be that interesting for a while, here are some of my favorite food sites to check out:
Chiefs taking out Toomer.


  1. Samantha told me to check the blog. She loves it so and likes to comment anonymously. Sorry to hear the news. I never liked mini-doughnuts. They can go to hell. Keep us updated on your progress. Thanks. A

  2. Sorry, to hear. Quite sucky to say the least. Keep well. I'll update my blog for you. Tina and I are thinking of you.

  3. hey short ass -- that sounds awful. i should say something really profound and supportive and shake my fist at the cruelty and injustice in the world. and i'm doing that. because you're my bestest winston buddy and i've known you since you were even shorter. but i keep thinking 2 things. 1. i love mini donuts. krispy kreme mini powdered donuts are the best and since we are winston natives i'm kind of shocked you didnt use them as a shout out. 2. if you have to get chemo and your hair falls out maybe when it grows back in you'll be a blonde! because that was my favorite summer of dave. when you were blonde.

    i love you but am possessed by an overwhelming urge to make jokes since i dont handle this kind of crap well. big smooches. fish will be calling soon, i'm sure. -- mare

  4. thinking about you, davery.

  5. I'm in my sweat lodge, lighting wasp wax candles, brushing my minds eye with a willa wand, in your honor. Oddly enough, I'm only wearing a bracelet. I hope you don't find this disquieting. Love Dave Pray.

    All our VIBES to you, Lord Grizzlegrim

  6. pretty brave, awesome, davey post.

    love, danny

  7. So where is this Eat D restaurant on Love Avenue? Do they have burritos?

    Rod Long

  8. I'm your neighbor and always around for anything you may need. Please don't hesitate to ask. I will still check this site 3x a day no matter what.

  9. Let me know if you new tunes could help, and I'll send you a big, fat Merge package, Dave!


  10. Dave,
    Paige texted me about your blog. I am sorry you are going through this. You are added to my prayer list. Kick Cancer's Ass!
    Kaaren (Kaufholz) Stuart

  11. i like the mini donut picture

  12. you better recover, these other blogs suck!

  13. Hi Davey.
    First of all. I love you. I hope that helps. You are a lucky man, and are well loved by many. I know you are in good hands but I don't think it will hurt you to say that you can call me at any hour if you need Anything.
    Thank you for sharing your trials with us. Don't be shy.
    Love Dave Love.
    Then eat. All in due time.
    Its all going to come out in the wash.


  14. DAVE!

    Tommy the teamster and I wanted to send you some love from the truck.


    love, Jerald and Tommy

  15. Thinking of you...
    while I go stomp some mini-donuts on the sidewalk outside my place.

  16. sending you love from san francisco. big love. xxoo
    patrick sends his love too.