Thursday, August 25, 2011


Andrea and Mac came with me for my third week of chemo. At this point in the cycle my white blood counts are usually too low to continue so I get a week off. Almost immediately after they remove the needle, I start to feel better. Since I was feeling good, Andrea and I went to the farmer's market and got stuff to make lunch and dinner. This is the first good tomato I've had this year. Andrea made it just the way I like it: salt, pepper and mayo on spongy white bread.
Ira, Georgia, Susan and Myrna joined us for dinner. I had read in a book about recovering from surgery that there was nothing healthier than a fish stew, so that's what Andrea made. Tomatoes, fennel, monkfish, halibut (just because), mussels and clams, served with toast to sop it up. Not having a stomach means I can't eat as much as I wanted to, but I went back for seconds after I digested the first round.
Dessert was fruit and cheese. My favorite was a date stuffed with ricotta (sweetened with honey) and topped with a sprinkle of esspresso.

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