Thursday, October 7, 2010


For lunch today with Ann, I reworked two things. There were plenty of leftovers from the pork ragu al Maialino so I added a can of tomatoes and cooked it and the juice from before for a few more hours at a really low heat. The meat got really tender and the tomatoes and juice reduced down to become thick and rich. I also tried the America's Test Kitchen Blueberry muffin recipe but substituted apples. I didn't like it as much but Ann said that was like comparing apples and blueberries.
After lunch I took a walk since it's such a nice day. I have to stop hating everything and everybody so much. I walked by two guys identically dressed head to toe in tight black clothes that smelled like patchouli, a model with a Russian fur hat on (even though it's 70 degrees), a guy air kissing a woman saying he saw her on Patrick McMullen, two tall girls talking about how short this other girl was, then I stepped in gum. I also saw Sofia Coppola, she looked pretty.

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