Sunday, October 17, 2010


Kim and I rode our bikes and met at Seersucker in Carroll Gardens. We solved the eternal brunch problem (savory vs. sweet)* by ordering the buttermilk pancakes and the fried green tomatoes with country ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. This was real country ham: chewy, salty and thick.
We also got biscuits that came with butter and jam in tiny jars. One thing about Brooklyn (at least this area): It's filled with stupid stores. There is one place that is a "yarn cafe", there are several shops that sell fake vintage manly clothes (I'm their target audience) tons of restaurants all trying harder than each other to be local, organic, etc. There was a store called b.tween, selling appropriately non-sexy clothes for tweenagers. A lot of the places use Brooklyn in the name: Brooklyn Bead, Brookvin (a wine place), Video Free Brooklyn, Breuklyn.

* I have a friend that orders "pancakes for the table" even if it's just two of you eating, to make sure the sweet is covered.

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