Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ann came over for lunch yesterday and then we saw the Charles Burchfield paintings at the Whitney museum. We had wild Italian arugula with cherry tomatoes.
Momofuku-style fried chicken with ginger and garlic
For dessert, I made blueberry muffins using the method that Yvonne from America's Test Kitchen taught me. The big thing that she does is to use one cup of blueberries to create a jam that gets swirled into the batter in the baking pans. There are also whole blueberries. The other thing she does is sprinkle the muffins with a sugar and lemon zest mixture before baking. This creates a nice crust and adds a fresh taste.

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  1. is ann a potential gf and if not, does this mean that i might be invited to lunch one day?