Thursday, September 9, 2010


Peel's* is a new place that recently opened, run by the same people as Freeman's. I met a friend there for breakfast. On the menu there is a section called build your own biscuit: I had country ham and egg. This place is pretty much perfect, I hope it doesn't get ruined by being too crowded all the time.
* I went to high school with a guy who had this last name (different spelling). We both worked at McDonald's. He hated when our friends would come in and tease us. So, to drive him even more crazy and make the teasing even worse my friend Greg would come in and call him Puskweedleplums as a nickname. So now when I see this place called Peel's all I can think of is that, it cracks me up.


  1. Piehl is on fb, Dave! :D


  2. Try the yogurt. It's heaven. In a cup. With granola. It solves all problems.