Monday, July 19, 2010


Since reading the New York Times review of Fatty Cue, I've wanted to go (even though I never liked Fatty Crab*). Andrea was in town working on her book so we met here for an early dinner. I didn't like it. The flavors were very murky and everything tasted too much like smoke.
Toast with Master Fat (the juices from all the animals they serve)
Smoked eggplant with chicharrones
Pork Ribs with fish sauce and palm syrup
Hoping for some relief we had the cucumber salad and the celery salad.
"The Legend" Pork Rib Chop with Buns
*My former therapist and group leader was a part owner here. It bugged me that she told me this information. She refused to answer any questions I had about her personal life (i.e. marriage status, kids, etc.) but she wanted to show off by telling me she "owned a restaurant". Once, I saw her park illegally and then take a parking ticket out of her glove compartment and put it on her dashboard. Even besides all this, when I ate there, I had the same feeling as tonight. Too murky.

Also, and maybe I'm being too grouchy, but the Verizon guy was there tonight, and everyone that worked there knew him. That bugged me.


  1. DaveShitEat would be a more appropriate name for this lousy blog. Does accuracy mean anything to you? This "review" of Fatty cue is too funny. Obviously some misguided strike out at your ex-therapist. You clearly need a new, better therapist to sort out your issues with your last therapist, who incidentally doesnt own either crab or cue. Secondly, the Pork ribs pic is actually a lamb loin and finally you have the wrong picture of the ex-employee who worked there. Looks like the guy in the photo you downloaded but actually the guy everyone knows there is the Comcast guy who works for Fatty Uptown.

  2. Yo, Anonymous, chill the fuck out. This is a guys personal blog about his eating experiences, not a full on restaurant review site. His friends love this blog for it's personal touch. Save your mean spirited bullshit rant for somewhere else.

  3. Mean Man is a total douche. Obviously works at or owns the Fatty Cue.. Never seen anyone be so defensive about some (correctly described) murky and dare I say SHITTY bbq.. Been to Cue once - that was enough!

  4. Jennifer hopes we'll never hear from him again. This blog is about love not some mean anonymous.

  5. that's hilarious! what a loser.

  6. i think dave should delete post like that right away.

    that is cyber bullying and not very nice at all.
    it makes me sad, angry and uncomfortable....
    but i do think the blog could be appropriately titled davedrinkeatlove

  7. By the way in all the hub-bub that great moment with the therapist putting the ticket on her car while illegally parking totally got overlooked. nice.