Friday, July 30, 2010


Olio is a new Neapolitan (I just realized that this meant "from Naples", I never really thought about it before, except strawberry, vanilla, chocolate ice cream) pizza place that recently opened in the West Village, it replaced a gross fast food sushi place. It's what I imagine a busy pizza place in Italy to be like. It's chaotic and hectic with Italian guys yelling at each other but then the pizza comes out and it's perfect and simple. I started with an arugula salad topped with slices of prosciutto and parmesan.

I went for the margherita "super" which used buffalo mozzarella and added cherry tomatoes, the crust tasted great and wasn't burnt at all.
One thing... the outside of the building is painted an ugly bright green, I think they should change the color. It looks OK at night but during the day it's too bright, then again, this weirdness kind of adds to it's authentic Italian feeling.


  1. That looks like a properly cooked pizza. Was the sauce just simple San Marzano tomatoes or did they add spices to it? I'm hungry. I am in Western Pennsylvania and the pizza is not like this one that you're featuring. Not like it in any way that I can see.

  2. This article says that they just use tomatoes.