Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Phil and I went to Takashi in the West Village for dinner. You wouldn't want to go here with a vegetarian or someone that was squeamish about beef. We started with raw flap meat topped with sea urchin and rolled with chiso and dried seaweed.

Seasonal pickles: okra, beets, fennel, tomatoes, string beans, purslane, potatoes and most interesting-cilantro, pickled.
The tongue tasting- three different parts of the tongue including the tip (we made lots of "tip of the tongue" jokes)
You grill it yourelf and make a little lettuce wrap using this stuff:
The last course was the Chef's tasting: (first stomach, fourth stomach, sweetbreads, heart and liver) in a sweet marinade. Our server told us to make sure to cook the "white meat" until crispy--Phil said "Throw another stomach on the barbie!"

Were they trying to say I had bad breath?

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