Sunday, May 30, 2010


Cal Pep was my favorite meal in Barcelona. It's very simple, just a long counter and a bunch of stools in an old section of town near the water. Everything was fresh and prepared in a very normal way, but perfectly. I was lucky to get to eat with Keith, Bill and Christof who all wanted to try everything on the menu. I think we did. At the end of the meal people ordered digestifs, I ordered a sherry and the bartender laughed and said I should have a grappa. I thought the Spanish like to drink sherry at the end of a meal, am I wrong?

Padrone Peppers
Clams with chunks of ham
Tuna Tartar
Tortilla with garlic aoili
Sausage and beans
Shrimp (gambas a la plancha)
Afterwards we went to Vila Vini Teca and bought this wine (which we had with lunch) and some sherry, to take home.


  1. That was probably the best meal I've eaten in all my 35 years. I look forward to trying to top it.

  2. I'm with Bill...type of meal that makes you wish you were in Ground Hog Day!