Friday, May 14, 2010


Sushi pretty much all looks the same, and I like all of it, unless it's bad. Domo Sushi is a tiny neighborhood spot in Hayes Valley. Laurel lives right around the corner so it was a perfect spot to meet. These are called Fire Cracker Balls.
After dinner we went to a fun event. It was supposed to be a fund-raiser for an organization that is giving away money to up and coming film makers ( but it was really just an excuse to have a party in a cool spot. Skeletron played for an enthusiastic crowd. Everyone was dancing (even me with sciatica) in a basement that had windows to street level, like in Cheers. We talked about cool high tech, start-up stuff like iPhone rumors and beta technologies like

This happened on the way to there:
Got in a cab.
Cab driver gave me a look as to say "where?"
I said "511 Laguna Street, please"
Cabbie: "What's the cross street?"
Me: "Hayes, I think, but let me check my map"
Cabbie: "You better be sure"
Me: "Don't worry, I'll pay you even if I'm wrong"
Cabbie: "Well, don't blame me"
Me: "Hayes and Laguna"
Blood boils....
Meter comes to $7.60
I give him $9.00
Me: "I just want you to know that normally I'm a big tipper, but since you were rude I'm giving you an average tip"
Cabbie: sarcastically "Good night"
Me: "Just so we're clear, you were the one who was rude"
Cabbie: menacingly "You want to get out?"

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