Saturday, May 8, 2010


This was a fun day of hanging out and bumping into friends:
Sat with Pumpkin while she ate lunch in the park.
Bumped into Columbia
Had my favorite sandwich at Blue Ribbon Market (cotto di parma and gruyere)

Tried a new place called Popbar for a hand-dipped gelato pop.

Sat with Karrie at Joseph Leonard
Rode bikes with Rob to Brooklyn
Had a softdrink with Anne
Rode more bikes with Kim
Bumped into Ira and Georgia who were on the way to see one of my favorite bands, The Clean
Had dinner with Mott and Sara at Frankie's Prime Meats, this place is close to perfect (they don't take credit cards):


Smoked Trout
Clams with Bacon

Steak: The Strip House is still my favorite.

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