Thursday, May 6, 2010


I finally went to Torrisi Italian Specialties for lunch today. The house roasted turkey sandwich with lettuce, onion, tomato and spicy sauce was excellent, but stressful. It wasn't even that it was that crowded, I expected it to be. They just don't seem to have an organized system down to get people their order... in order, which is something that can drive a guy like me crazy. A number of people in front of me had their orders misplaced which added to the stress, wondering... did they forget mine? or is it just taking a long time? I want to go back for lunch when things calm down. I'll probably still attempt dinner, even though I bet that is stressful too.

For dessert, I needed peace and comfort so I went to Blue Ribbon Market for chocolate chip cookies. When I snapped a photo of the cookie jar, the nice guy who works there insisted that I reshoot the photo with his food styling.

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  1. Dave it's great that you finally got to go to Torrisi. I hope it was still as good as when we ate there, which was really good. Nice lighting on the sandwich.