Thursday, May 13, 2010


Work's been pretty easy, I have to admit. Tabitha and I met after work at the Ferry Terminal and had two dozen oysters at Hog Island Oysters. It was nice to joke around with an old friend. If we had a place like this in New York, it would be mobbed. It's right on the water, you can watch the boats coming and going and it's got great food.

Damon, Peter, Tudor, Chiefy and I had amazing seats at AT&T Park for the Giants game. Ironically we are here working on a T-Mobile commercial... we are even shooting at a baseball stadium, but definitely not this one, even though it's probably the nicest place I've ever watched a game. I didn't see a hot dog anywhere, but there was plenty of sushi and even a mini farmer's market... pretty San Francisco-y.

I may have had a few of these too.

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