Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mac, Greg and I met at Lantern for dinner. We started with three crispy appetizers: salt and pepper shrimp, chaat (chick peas, potatoes, tomatoes and chutney) and okra with a spicy tomato sauce.
I also had the "lacque" pork belly. It's crispy and fatty superchunks of pork, in a thick, rich sauce.
They made fun of me for ordering such a "lite" entree, I had the spicy tomato soup with shiso (but I also had some of Mac's whole flounder and Greg's Indian-style vegetarian stew)

Steamed yuzu pudding cake with blueberries.
Creme freche ice cream with figs, candied pistachios and caramel
Wine soaked peach with honey ice cream and crushed blackberries.


  1. If this meal tasted as good as it looks you are one lucky guy.

  2. Good time with Davery and MacLeag!