Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Some Friends took me out for an early birthday dinner at Ma Peche. This place is fantastic, it's exactly what I want in a restaurant. We showed up at 5, right when they opened so it was totally empty and the music was right up my alley, everything from Merge and Matador. We started with the Plat du Mer (three kinds of oysters, squid salad, crab, shrimp and fluke)
Pork Summer Rolls
Tomato and Watermelon rind salad with something crunchy and delicious on top, I forgot to ask what it was, if anyone knows, please tell me.
Beef Tartare
Summer Bean Salad (Phil loved these)
One thing that added some excitement to the evening was that the Minimalist was sitting right near us. We sent he and his dining companion a glass of champagne in hopes of some interaction but it didn't work out, it was still fun imaging how he might react though.

Pork Ribs
A Special tonight was wild striped bass collar
Pork chop with shishito peppers, potatoes and corn
They have cheese for dessert but we were too stuffed so went went upstairs and had crack pie and grasshopper pie from the Milk Bar.We talked about loneliness, and it was nice to be among close friends.

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